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Contact for further details of scheme (and how it can link with the ETA Framework Manager package) and Framework topic availabilities.

Essentially this version of the application is designed to help manage Initial and Continuing Professional  Development  (IPD/CPD) for groups and individuals working in the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI). Browsing through the entries against the different  main and sub-headings, should help you to "know what you don't know" and provide links to more detailed reference sources.
By pointing and clicking you can add entries to your own personal Development Action Plan (DAP) or maintain your own on-line Log Book. You can then re-visit the database periodically to record your on-going achievements and update your competence targets. (For example, this could provide a convenient structure to help with evidence portfolio building, and summary reporting, in preparation for the IET Professional Review process)

If you have an interest in this area why not share your views and ideas on the etaFrame discussion pages ?

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